Flashback Friday: ColecoVision

In 1982, a new video gaming console was introduced to the public by the name of Colecovision. It didn’t last too long, as it was discontinued just a scant two years later in 1984. One of my earliest video gaming memories is playing Donkey Kong on a giant projection TV. My parents brought me with them when visiting some friends to play a game of Hearts. I had two choices, I could play Donkey Kong, or I could sit in front of another TV and watch a movie.

I really enjoyed Donkey Kong and this was my first taste of video gaming. I thought the controller or “joystick” was a little strange. It featured what would now look to be an old-school cell phone. It had a key pad and a joystick control with side buttons to boot. It was very cumbersome, but hey at the time, that is all there was. It was just me and my bulky controller making little Mario HOP HOP HOP from left to right and right to left… up ladders… down ladders… dodging fireballs and barrels. All just to rescue the princess… which I was never good enough to do. I was lucky if I finished a level or two or three.

I don’t recall other Colecovision games, but looking over the Wikipedia entry I see Centipede,  Pac-Man, and Q*Bert (an old-school favorite on ANY platform)… so I’m sure I played those as well. Donkey Kong, however, remains prevalent in my mind. It was a fun time during my youth, even though I never actually owned the gaming system. Fun times, but I can see why it was quickly discontinued.

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